If you're looking to contribute to open source, please allow me to offer up a project for your consideration. It's called Plange. It began in August 2013 as an effort to create a revolutionary development experience, including a programming language with some exciting new ideas. There is still plenty of work to be done, suitable for any and all skill levels. Please peruse this website, which is the dedicated source of information and webservices for the project. Thanks for your time!


We're currently looking for a build engineer to setup Travis CI, Coverity, and/or Codacity within the GitHub repo. Please contact me directly if you're interested. See contact info below.

Short & Simple

Study the examples around the site. There are a lot of them hidden away in the various pages. If you see anything that looks fishy, contradictory, or inconsistent please send me a message.

Deeper contributions

Plange is an ambitious computer science and engineering project, still in early stages. As an open source and public effort, participation is enthusiastically encouraged. View the documentation pages, check out the code from github, and start submitting pull requests.

Please send any comments, critique, or questions to coder0xff on the gmail domain or @coder0xff on twitter.

Status (November 21, 2017)

The bootstrapping compiler, written in C++17, is in development. Programs can be loaded into memory from source code. The current effort is LLVM code generation.

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