a sequence of one or more punctuation (and special) characters representing an infix operator


* (multiplication)

× (cross_product)

The unicode character MULTIPLICATION SIGN (U+00D7) (not to be confused with x, the unicode character LATIN SMALL LETTER X (U+0078)) may be typed as _x_.

→ (arrow)

The unicode character RIGHTWARD ARROW (U+2192) may be typed as ->. The arrow operator creates an object which is simultaneously a function type and a maps_to relation. The signature of a function is composed with the left hand side defining the function's domain (the input parameter types) and the right hand defining the codomain (the return type).

∘ (ring)

The unicode character RING OPERATOR (U+2218) may be typed as _o_. The ring operator composes functions such that (f ○ g)(x) is equivalent to f(g(x)).

& (prepend)

The prepend operator creates a new collection, putting the left hand operand at the beginning and then appending the collection in the right hand operand

∪ (set_union)

The unicode character UNION (0x222A) may be typed as _u_. Not to be confused with 'U' (0x55).

∩ (set_intersection)

The unicode character INTERSECTION (0x2229) may be typed as _i_.

/ (slash)

⊕ (xor)

The unicode character CIRCLED PLUS (0x2295) may be typed as _xor_.

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