a string bounded by arbirtrarily-sized delimiters




stringWithDoubleQuotes := """""
The remainder of this is a string literal, excluding the five quotes at the very end.
We can use four double quotes, like """", but not 5 which is the number of quotes that
start this string literal. If a string literal with 100 consecutive double quotes in it
were desired, we would then use 101 double quotes to start and end the string literal.


An embedded_string is similar to a regular string literal of the form:

Typical string literal

"hello world"

except that it permits the text to contain any finite number of double quotes. An embedded_string begins with three or more double quotes followed by a new line character, and ends with a new line character followed by the same number of double quotes. All white spaces, characters, and other bytes between the opening and closing delimiter becomes a string literal.

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